AKZENT Hotel Altdorfer Hof | Burachstr. 12 | 88250 Weingarten | +49 (0) 751 5009 0 | hotel@altdorfer-hof.de

AKZENT Hotel Altdorfer Hof | Burachstr. 12| 88250 Weingarten | +49 (0) 751 5009 0 | hotel@altdorfer-hof.de

Weingarten, DE
Klarer Himmel
Wind: 2 Km/h
Ihre Meinung ist uns wichtig!

Monday to Saturday
from 5.30 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Our  take away packaging is made of sugar cane fiber – home compostable.

If you would liske to order at another time, don´t hesitate to contact us


What you need to enter Restaurants, Stores and other locations:

If your vaccination status is older than 3 months, please notice that in addition to your Vaccination Card, you must present an official certificate of a negative test of Corona in order to enter.

Luca App: If you have a Smartphone you can download the Luca App to check-in at other locations . This App keeps our personal information safely.

Fresh seasonal cuisine promotes a healthy and sustainable food consumption!

Dear Guests,

our hotel works the most possible sustainable way contributing for a good care of our environment.
Our ingredients are exclusively regional which leads to a fresh seasonal cuisine and a conscious reduction of CO2 emission, collaborates with a healthy cultivation of orchards and animals and has an impact on the regional economy.

We make an effort to get as much as possible of our ingredients, buy mostly unpacked products and prioritize the use of returnable bottles in order to consciously reduce waste production.